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"Who the devil is it?" cried Grandet.

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Nanon took one of the candles and went to open the door, followed byher master.

"Grandet! Grandet!" cried his wife, moved by a sudden impulse of fear,and running to the door of the room. wig types complaints

All the players looked at each other.

"Suppose we all go?" said Monsieur des Grassins; "that knock strikesme as evil-intentioned."

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Hardly was Monsieur des Grassins allowed to see the figure of a youngman, accompanied by a porter from the coach-office carrying two largetrunks and dragging a carpet-bag after him, than Monsieur Grandetturned roughly on his wife and said,, bjd wig types

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"Madame Grandet, go back to your loto; leave me to speak withmonsieur."

Then he pulled the door quickly to, and the excited players returnedto their seats, but did not continue the game.

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