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kept ever fresh and green by pious hands to bless the house.De Balzac.

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There are houses in certain provincial towns whose aspect inspiresmelancholy, akin to that called forth by sombre cloisters, drearymoorlands, or the desolation of ruins. Within these houses there is,perhaps, the silence of the cloister, the barrenness of moors, theskeleton of ruins; life and movement are so stagnant there that astranger might think them uninhabited, were it not that he encounterssuddenly the pale, cold glance of a motionless person, whose half-monastic face peers beyond the window-casing at the sound of anunaccustomed step. bisa wig wig types

Such elements of sadness formed the physiognomy, as it were, of adwelling-house in Saumur which stands at the end of the steep streetleading to the chateau in the upper part of the town. This street,nowlittle frequented, hot in summer, cold in winter, dark in certainsections,is remarkable for the resonance of its little pebblypavement, always clean and dry, for the narrowness of its tortuousroad-way, for the peaceful stillness of its houses, which belong tothe Old town and are over-topped by the ramparts. Houses threecenturies old are still solid, though built of wood, and their diversaspects add to the originality which commends this portion of Saumurto the attention of artists and antiquaries. wig construction types

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