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"Not at all, monsieur l'abbe. This young man cannot fail to see thatEugenie is a little fool,,a girl without the least freshness. Did younotice her to-night? She was as yellow as a quince." wig types

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"Perhaps you made the cousin notice it?"

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"I did not take the trouble," barrister wig types

"Place yourself always beside Eugenie, madame, and you need never takethe trouble to say anything to the young man against his cousin; hewill make his own comparisons, which,"

"Well, he has promised to dine with me the day after to-morrow.""Ah! if you only /would/, madame," said the abbe.

"What is it that you wish me to do, monsieur l'abbe? Do you mean tooffer me bad advice? I have not reached the age of thirty-nine,without a stain upon my reputation, thank God! to compromise myselfnow, even for the empire of the Great Mogul. You and I are of an agewhen we both know the meaning of words. For an ecclesiastic, youcertainly have ideas that are very incongruous. Fie! it is worthy ofFaublas!"

"You have read Faublas?"

"No, monsieur l'abbe; I meant to say the /Liaisons dangereuses/.""Ah! that book is infinitely more moral," said the abbe, laughing."But you make me out as wicked as a young man of the present day; Ionly meant,"

"Do you dare to tell me you were not thinking of putting wicked thingsinto my head? Isn't it perfectly clear? If this young man,who I admitis very good-looking,were to make love to me, he would not think ofhis cousin. In Paris, I know, good mothers do devote themselves inthis way to the happiness and welfare of their children; but we livein the provinces, monsieur l'abbe."

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