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"So you are talking?" said Pere Grandet as he carefully folded theletter in its original creases and put it into his waistcoat-pocket.He looked at his nephew with a humble, timid air, beneath which he hidhis feelings and his calculations. "Have you warmed yourself?" he saidto him. wigtypes customer service phone number

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"Thoroughly, my dear uncle."

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"Well, where are the women?" said his uncle, already forgetting thathis nephew was to sleep at the house. At this moment Eugenie andMadame Grandet returned. all wig types

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"Is the room all ready?" said Grandet, recovering his composure."Yes, father."

"Well then, my nephew, if you are tired, Nanon shall show you yourroom. It isn't a dandy's room; but you will excuse a poor wine-growerwho never has a penny to spare. Taxes swallow up everything.""We do not wish to intrude, Grandet," said the banker; "you may wantto talk to your nephew, and therefore we will bid you good-night."At these words the assembly rose, and each made a parting bow inkeeping with his or her own character. The old notary went to the doorto fetch his lantern and came back to light it, offering to accompanythe des Grassins on their way. Madame des Grassins had not foreseenthe incident which brought the evening prematurely to an end, herservant therefore had not arrived.

"Will you do me the honor to take my arm, madame?" said the abbe."Thank you, monsieur l'abbe, but I have my son," she answered dryly."Ladies cannot compromise themselves with me," said the abbe."Take Monsieur Cruchot's arm," said her husband.

The abbe walked off with the pretty lady so quickly that they weresoon some distance in advance of the caravan.

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